Austin Hackers Anonymous (AHA!)

Austin Hackers Association (AHA!)

  • The Austin Hackers Academy is a loose group of hackers and security professionals in the Austin, Texas area. We have monthly meetings that do have rules. We also occasionally eat sushi, BBQ, and drink beer together.
  • The meetings consist of short “turbo-talks” from anyone that would like to speak on a topic for anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes.
  • If this is your first time, come prepared to speak. Continued failure to present will result in being removed from the venue.
  • Participation is mandatory for continued membership in the group. What this means is that to retain a subscription to the mailing list and to be allowed entrance to the meetings, you must contribute to the group in some form.
  • If you plan to pitch your commercial product, recruit for your company, or make any kind of pitches for commercial gain YOU ARE REQUIRED to discuss with the bar staff first that you will be buying a round of alcohol for anyone at AHA who wishes to accept your offer.

You can learn more about Austin Hackers Anonymous at their website: